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Jack Frost

Art-jack frost

Jack Frost. Snowman, or legendary mascot? Jack Frost is the mascot of Atlus. He resembles a snowman, but has teeth, a tail, no nose, and wears a joker hat and shoes. His catchphrase is "Hee-Ho". He has appeared in several Atlus games, including several entries in the Shin Megami Tensei series and Jack Bros. He is a hidden character in the both the American and Japanese versions of SBK: Snowboard Kids, but has a larger role in the Japanese version.

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Disgaea fanart Laharl by gatasombra Found on Deviant art, this carefully drawn masterpiece is described by the creator with only these words: "Just a boring quickie. OC, as usual..." But not truely boring! It is awesome! Right....? You decide!

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