Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth
Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth
Game Information
Developer Max Five
Publisher Atlus U.S.A.
Year 2001 (US)
System Playstation 1
Genre Tactical RPG
Multiplayer No
Co-Op No
Series None

This is a placeholder page for Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth on the Playstation 1, developed by Max Five and published by Atlus U.S.A. in 2001.


This story takes place in the continent of Mardias and is a reference to the continent of Ivalice from the game Final Fantasy Tactics.

Chapter 1: Stir

The story begins where the main protagonist Fazz alongside Leimrey are going to Aus for the audience with Reuperl whom he wonders about the capital of Nightweld. Reuperl reveals himself as the leader of Order of Da Nante. He tells Fazz that the Valaimian Empire breaks the peace treaty and plans to invade Nightweld. Their own target was both Lar Dellue and the Tower of Wind. He also has reasons why he called them to make a defense team and head after the Tower of Wind. Reuperl also gave Fazz an invitation for the King. Afterwards, Both Fazz and Leimrey are arrived at Dissoal and meets Tinn and asks Fazz if he is going to war which he calmly answers that he is and Tinn made a promise to him that he will be safe. Later on, Fazz and Leimrey are seen sparring each other with their weaponry and Fazz knows he is no match for Leimrey which he replies that one day he will be defeated by him. One of their mercenaries arrive to see them and tells them that the soldiers in Valaim are in Seitan Hills.

Fazz and his mercenaries manage to defeat Sajiri and Sly along with the Valaimian armies in Seitan Hills which both are asking for forgiveness and knowing that they are following Alveen Kamfort's orders. Arriving at Tower of Wind, Fazz saw two Valaimian soldiers are trying to surrender the Priest of Wind, Silphatos who refuses not to surrender to them and guards the tower which they manage to save him. Silphatos thanking them for saving him and he reveals to them that he is the priest of this tower. The next morning, Silphatos tells both Fazz and Leimrey the bad news about Dissoal which is attacked by the Valaimian army led by Blackthorn who kidnaps Tinn. Leimrey tells Fazz not to trust the message and Fazz became furious and decides to go to Dissoal to find her.

At Dissoal, Alveen watches his men destroys the whole town and everyone in this town are dead and Tinn was later taken as prisoner and one of the Valaimian soldier tells him about Fazz and his mercenaries which he orders him to dispatch them. After Fazz and his group defeats most of the Valaimian armies, he tries to look for Tinn as Alveen comes up and seeing his men are defeated by them and became furious who becomes underestimate towards both Fazz and Leimrey as the latter strikes him with his spear but blocked and Alveen knocks him down and Fazz became angered to see Leimrey was knocked down and he clashes with Alveen with their swords but he too becomes knocked down by him and both were later taken in prison at Widden.

In Prison, Fazz meets Romleth and he tells him that he was in the underground prison of Widden and he asks Fazz about Tinn which he replies that was "his childhood friend". Romleth tells Fazz to get out of cell and knowing that he could open the door at any time but can't beat the guards down alone. When Fazz is with him, Romleth casts a Bonga coinfeigm to break the door lock as they fight the guards to escape. After escaping in prison, one of the Fazz' mercenaries reunites with both of them as Romleth became hostile to think it's an enemy as Fazz tells him that he was one of Reuperl's mercenaries. Romleth then offers to go with Fazz and the group which Fazz politely agrees.

After defeating most Valaimian armies in Widden Valley and revisits the Tower of Wind, Fazz meets up with Silphatos and they had a conversation about the Mardias that will cease to exist if people keep using coinfeigms but the coinfeigms are indispensable to end the war. Silphatos then asks Fazz to finish the war before it happens as he agrees which he was thankful to him. Silphatos shows the Marselva which is stronger than the normal coinfeigms and he offers to join in Fazz' group which he accepts his offer.

Arriving at Aus, they confront Alveen and two of his soldiers who are attempting to infiltrate Aus which causes the confrontation between them and his army and Fazz manage to defeat Alveen who asks him where Leimrey is and Alveen does not answer and wants to know who he was after he knocks him down at Dissoal and he leaves Aus with a new rival to settle the score. After the incident, Reuperl asks Fazz about the situation of the Tower of Wind and orders him and his group to go to Gerauld which Fazz accepts.

Chapter 2: For Whom Do you Fight

In Fazz's travels back to the ruined town of Dissoal where he wonders about Tinn and a woman appears behind him who asks him on what he was doing. Fazz mistakes of her as Tinn and she introduces herself as Elena who knows him well and wants to become his bodyguard. Fazz asks her how much he has to pay him as Elena pays him 100 gold and to join in his cause. After defeating most rebels including Brankoz in Savah Canal. Fazz still thinking about the battle at Carmwell as Elena comes up to see him and asks him if he was still thinking about Tinn which he replies that it's was nothing.

At Carmwell, Alveen wonders about Blackthorn's disappearance and Leimrey's escape in prison. Suddenly, a mess happening outside the town and he goes out of the house and he found both Saijiri and Sly who were recruiting the citizens to fight instead of soldiers. Alveen tells them that only ones to defend Carmwell is the citizens themselves and Saijiri doesn't accept his words and orders the Valaimian soldiers to corner him which Fazz and the group arrive in time to protect and aid him. After protecting Alveen and defeats Saijiri and Sly, he tells Fazz about Leimrey's escape in prison and leaves while telling Fazz that they will meet as enemies. In Fort Yugo, Leimrey arrives to get Tinn from her cell and tells her that Fazz is coming to the fort and his reasons why he was there to save her from Fazz which Tinn refuses as Leimrey takes her away. 

In Queld after Fazz and the group defeat Treilorh at Fort Yugo, Fazz arrives in peace but the Gerauldite soldiers distrust him because previously the Valaimian soldiers attack Queld. After Fazz and the group defeats most soldiers in Queld, he sends his one of his mercenary to ask for an audience with the King and also beg forgiveness in injuring the soldiers. Afterwards, his mercenary arrive along with one Gerauldite soldier who tells him the good news that the King accepted Fazz' excuses and was allowed to come to the castle. He also warns Fazz about engaging battles on his way as well as he told about the blacksmith and mage named Chroma who forges strong weapons in Hepaithos' Tower marking the end of the second chapter.

Chapter 3: Enter Jacqueline

At Echo Forest, Fazz meets up with two bandits Eitolle and Seychel and this place belong to his older sister, Jacqueline's domain and they try to pay Fazz to cross the domain which he joked at them. After defeating both Eitolle and Seychel, they are on their knees but they manage to trick Fazz to escape. In Mount Tesina, both of them tells Jacqueline about the incident in Echo Forest which Jacqueline asks Fazz if a cat bit on his tongue which he replies that she's the "woman of such beauty" which she thanked him for his cordiality. After the joke that she with his younger brother and Eitolle did, Fazz laughs at them which makes Jacqueline angrily pissed off leading them to battle. After Fazz defeats Jacqueline, she leaves and takes revenge for her loss to him which leads Fazz to meet her at Fort Sappharl who let the Gerauldite soldiers to run and command over the fort which one of the soldiers order reinforcements to deal with them. Fazz tries to desist Jacqueline for her actions which she does not listen to him. After defeating her the second time, she with Eitolle and Seychel are on their knees in defeat as reinforcements arrive to arrest them. Fazz decides that he has to help them making the guards agreed to let them go and Jacqueline leaves with Eitolle and Seychel saying that she does not need help from him (still angered from making fun by him previously).

Fazz then manage to arrive at Tus the captial of Gerauld and he came for an audience with the King and the guards take him inside the castle. The King reveals himself to be Zelstan who sees the note from Reuperl's letter and it's about the latest reports of the Valaim's invasion and attacks. Luke (Elena's adopted father) the King's advisor who gave Zelstan the hints and he reminds Fazz as an Ixian. Zelstan tells them that the Temple of Water will be attacked and they don't have men to defend it. Fazz offers to help them after hearing about the man with long hair who wields the spear and King Zelstan agrees to let him go to the Temple of Water.

Arriving at Temple of Water's entrance, Fazz tries to ask one of the guards where Leimrey is which the latter does not want to let him pass which make Fazz and the group to fight them. Inside the Temple of Water, Leimrey is shown to ask the current Priestess of Water named Leia about the Marselva of Water that he was searching. Leia tells him that she does not know which makes Leimrey faces both Fazz and Leia. After defeating Leimrey and his men, Leimrey heals himself knowing that Fazz is getting improved and disappears. Leia then tells Fazz about Leimrey who belongs to the Priest of Water lineage and once lived in this temple but later left sometime ago. Leia then tells Fazz to forget about Leimrey which he refuses and Leia tells him that Leimrey pretends to get the Marselva to do something that she does not know and also tells him to talk to the man named Luke which is Zelstan's advisor who has more information about the Marselva which he agrees. (If Leia dies in battle, her body becomes the Marselva of Water and it was in Fazz's possession and onwards)

In Lake Ecroga, Jacqueline now to face Fazz and it was the last fight against her. After defeating Jacqueline and her army including Eitolle and Seychel, she finally desists and Fazz tells her that's enough knowing that there are much worse people than them and Jacqueline offers him to help them. Elena does not want to have bandits in his group and Fazz tells her to hold on and Jacqueline finally joins the group.

Back at Tus, Fazz reports to Zelstan about the news and he wants to talk to the man named Luke which is Zelstan's advisor. Luke tells Fazz about the Marselva and how it transferred from priest to another he also knew Fazz's father by a man named Yienold a Kersillian from Kersillius and it shows Yienold's past in flashbacks and knowing that Fazz is Yienold's son and his hometown was the place for the prophecy. Elena whom intentionally join Fazz and his group of mercenaries is in fact the Priestess of Earth and his childhood friend from the past and Luke tells him to take care of her and launches a strike on the southern Valaim marking the end of the third chapter.

Chapter 4: The Fate of the Blue Earth

Fazz and his group manage to defeat most of Valaimian armies in Kamdell and ask the soldier to go and get the townspeople by him. When the people arrives, Fazz asks them about the Tuchi Tribe and the Temple of Fire which they don't know about them and Fazz dispenses them. A Gerauldite soldier came to see him and asks him where he's going and he goes to the temple. (This is where it recruits both Leia and Chroma on the party) In Temple of Water, Leia senses Leimrey's presence after Fazz tells her to join with them before going to the Temple of Fire which she joins while Chroma in Hephaitos' Tower to retrieve her forge weapons from Saijiri and returns to her and later joins in his group.

At the Kamdell Desert, Fazz meets the members of the Tuchi Tribe while he's on his way to the Temple of Fire and they say that to protect the temple. After defeating them, one of the Tuchi tribe know Fazz that he was fighting for the good cause and he tells him to follow him.

Arriving at Temple of Fire and manage to defeat other members of the Tuchi Tribe, Fazz meets Gomes (Reuperl's rival) inside the temple who asks him if he is the Priest of Fire but Gomes refuses that leads them to fight along with the Tuchi Tribe. After Fazz defeats Gomes, he continues to ask him if he is the Priest of Fire which he answers that he is not the priest and the soldiers arrive to invade the temple which Leia senses that Leimrey is here. After defeating the soldiers, Gomes tells Fazz that the enemies are outside of temple which he is ready to face them as Leia asks him if he can fight but Fazz soon changes his mind and decides to escape which he asks Gomes about escaping without fighting. Gomes knows the way out and they escape.

At Clair Oasis, Alveen is shown leaving the oasis after giving flowers on the grave as Gomes arrives with a bouquet of flowers to put on the grave and Fazz asks him about the grave. Gomes answers that grave was the descendant of the Priest of Fire lineage named Cardinal Kamfort (as mentioned by Fernandes) and Alveen's father who is a former General of Valaimian army and the previous Priest of Fire. Fazz then asks him how to get back to Kamdell which Gomes know if it's Roundart or in the desert which makes Fazz his decision is in "Kamdell Desert" and Gomes offers to join in his cause.

At Kamdell Desert, the Tuchi Tribe are caught by Leimrey's soldiers which they were rescued by Fazz and the group and they tell him that a man with long hair wields the spear is in Kamdell. At Kamdell, Leimrey was talking to Blackthorn which he gives him two Elegiac Knights to help him. When Fazz returns in Kamdell, he finally faces Leimrey who explains that why he is exterminate all humans to give world back to the elemental spirits. Leimrey replies of how humans failed to make pact with elemental spirits. After defeating Leimrey and the two Elegiac Knights. Leimrey heals himself and wants to face Fazz in a one on one duel as both begins to duel. After Fazz defeats Leimrey the second time where he was on his arms. Leimrey warns Fazz about Blackthorn as he dies at Fazz's arms as Fazz screams his name in anguish. After Leimrey's death, a Gerauldite soldier arrives and asks Fazz about their current situation.

After Fazz dispatches most Valaimian soldiers in Roundart it shifts back into the castle of Layeta where Alveen, Villa, Blackthorn and Fernandes are inside the room. Alveen offers to fight against the mercenaries which Fernandes agrees with him while Villa tells him that Blackthorn can kill the mercenaries cause he has the power of the entire army. Fernandes agrees and Blackthorn leaves the scene. Before facing Fazz and the group, Villa tells Blackthorn to buy some time while he has to finish what to do in Temple of Earth not to kill them. This ends the fourth chapter after their conversation.

Chapter 5: Beliefs

Fazz finally meets Blackthorn at Sonti Plateau and asks him if he's the one who destroys the town of Dissoal which he does not answer his question. Driven by anger, Fazz fights him and his army. Fazz discovers Blackthorn does not have injuries at all after defeating him and tells him that he's not going to kill him and leave.

At Marfa, Fazz reunites with Alveen and asks him why he is fighting for Valaim as he replies that he fights for his family's name. After defeating him, Alveen attempts to attack Fazz but was unsuccessful. He later returns in Layeta where he heard the conversation between Villa and Fernandes and Villa tells Fernandez that he does not need him anymore because "the continent was on war already" and Fernandes and the six Hoshigami are gathering. Fernandez realizes that Blackthorn is in Villa's side which the latter gave him Elegiac Knights saying to him that his life depends to himself which makes Alveen defects Valaim for their cause.

At the outskirts in Layeta, a soldier tells Fazz that they successfully attacked the southern Valaim and they are powerful enough to strike at the Northern Valaim.

At Layeta, Fazz and the group manage to defeat most of Valaimian soldiers from the gate and inside of the castle who were fighting for Valaim. At the throne room, Fazz finally faces Fernandes who is sitting on the throne and angrily tells him that he's not running away. Fernandes then tells him that he and himself were manipulated by Villa. Fazz angrily deduces that he's not like him and he's not getting away for starting the war. Fernandes challenges Fazz if he can defeat him. Fazz tells him if he dies, they have King Zelstan and Reuperl of Order of Da Nante. Fernandes justifies all the things in peace will become war again and Fazz knows of his selfishness and greediness and Fernandes tells him to prove if he tries to make peace after he defeats him which make Fazz angrily draws his sword saying to Fernandes that his days are over. After defeating Fernandes, he reveals to Fazz of what he had done as being the man of ambition from the beginning who keeps his greed under control and made a deal with the Priest of Earth and it's coinfeigms. When he became the leader of Valaim, the King appoints him as the aide of Cardinal Kamfort (Alveen's father) who manages to capture Yugo and being supported by the government. This also forces Cardinal Kamfort to resign his position as General and he takes his place and later kills him when he rose upon his ranks as well as the plot of the Priest of Earth takes place. Fernandes also tells Fazz that the Priest of Earth and Blackthorn are in Temple of Earth and instructs to stop him from achieving his goals which Fazz agrees and Fernandes grabs his sword and stabs himself wanted to ended his life with Fazz is in shock of his actions. As the war ended with his death, King Zelstan, Reuperl, Luke and Fazz decide that the continent of Mardias will be unified with one nation. This marks the end of the fifth chapter and the final chapter begins.

Chapter 6: The Beginning of the End (Final)

Fazz tells them that he goes to Temple of Earth to stop Villa from his evil plans. Inside of Temple of Earth after defeating most of Blackthorn's soldiers outside, Fazz saw Alveen is facing Blackthorn and he tells Fazz that he has to deal against Villa while Fazz refuses and aids him to defeat Blackthorn. After defeating Blackthorn, Fazz offers Alveen to join the group but he refuses and wants to settle the score with him at Fort La Sulle.

At Fort La Sulle, it was Alveen's final battle with Fazz which he alongside the remaining Valaimian army against them. After Fazz defeats Alveen, he laughs after he beats him once when they first met as he tells Fazz to finish him off and the latter refuses which he put his sword back on his sheath and leave which Alveen stops him and why he didn't want to finish him off as Fazz ignores and he continues to leave which makes Alveen became disappointed from his actions as he fall on his knees . At Clair Oasis, Alveen is later seen putting a bouquet of flowers on his father's grave after been spared by Fazz as the latter came to see him. Alveen finally admits to Fazz that he was the Priest of Fire and his father Cardinal Kamfort passes to him through the rite of heritage and Fazz decides to let him come with them which he agrees while he smirks that he will continue to serve his job as the Priest of Fire.

Back at Aus which is destroyed by the Elegiac Knights, Reuperl is shown fighting against one the Elegiac Knights with his spear and manage to kill it as Fazz arrives when he was cornered by four Elegiac Knights in tow. They manage to defeat them and Reuperl tells Fazz that Tinn is in Lar Dellue where she was taken by both Villa and Blackthorn.

In Lar Dellue, both Blackthorn and Villa are seen making a chant at the unconscious Tinn which she glows in a white light as Fazz arrives and he attempts to attack Villa with his sword but Blackthorn manage to block it as Fazz is glowing due to his blood as a Kersillian as it opens the portal where he and Blackthorn had entered. Tinn finally wakes up and she reunites with Fazz who was in a weaken state and were cornered by Elegiac Knights which Fazz convinces Tinn to fight which she agrees. After rescuing Tinn and dispatched most of the Elegiac Knights, Tinn asks Fazz that he forgot her promise at Dissoal which he does. Tinn wants to go with Fazz which he agrees and Tinn join to his cause. (This also recruits Zelstan, Reuperl and Luke before going to Ixian Temple.) In Aus, Reuperl recognizes Gomes as his rival which he was responsible for scarring his left eye during their duel to which he joins. In Temple of Water, Fazz meets up with Luke and wants to know more information about the legends and letting him join to the group and in Tus, to see King Zelstan which he decides to serve his purpose as the Priest of Force which makes him join with Fazz in the group.

Fazz with the priest and priestess of elements (Tinn, Alveen, Silphatos, Zelstan, Leia and Elena) are going to Ixian Temple to stop Villa's plans as they manage to defeat most of Elegiac Knights on the way. Inside the temple, they faced Blackthorn and his army where Fazz draws his sword to fight him as Blackthorn finally draws his sword and ready to fight. Fazz discovers after he defeats him, Blackthorn is in fact dead. They now faces Villa who attempts to open the box while he's chanting which he reveals to Fazz that he is the Hoshigami of Lightning and wants the world to the past humans but Sarnus and Elvilla defeat him and he tells him that they did the same thing to prevent humans from extinction. Villa tells him that he will open the chest where it kept the spirits and will set free. Suddenly, Elvilla appears to intervene which is manisfested in Tinn's body tries to stop Villa but to no avail and he opens the chest but nothing is inside of it which Villa angrily blames Elvilla for it. After Fazz and the group defeat Villa, The dark spirit appears which Fazz heard it's voice who asks VIlla if he wants to kill Fazz in exchange for power which Fazz angrily draws his sword and wants to know who that voice is. Villa agrees after recognizes the spirit was Blackthorn but he does not know that the spirit was Vugtis which Elvilla feared if Vugtis breaks the seal which it summons four Blackthorns within him knowing of his power and Elvilla tells Fazz to deal with them otherwise the seal will be broken completely as he agrees and Villa angrily gloats at Fazz if he can win against him. After defeating Villa the second time, Fazz along with Tinn, Alveen, Silphatos, Zelstan, Leia and Elena gathered on the weaken Villa which he tells them that if humans remain to continue fight one another, the continent of Mardia will ceased to exist and if it occurs they will be responsible as he dies as his body became the Marselva of Lightning which Silphatos takes it and everyone discusses about what Villa had said to them if humans continue to use coinfeigms in war it will be the path of destruction. Fazz then wants to know about that "voice" and Zelstan tells him that they have to return for now to make their continent in peace. Back at Layeta, everyone is finally parted ways, where Leia goes back to the Temple of Water, Elena in Temple of Earth to serve as the Priestess of Earth, Zelstan goes back inside the castle, Silphatos decided to go back to the Tower of Wind and Alveen decided to take leave to continue his purpose as the Priest of Fire while Fazz and Tinn decided to restore the town of Dissoal.

Everyone is gathered again in the Tower of Wind after they received the letter coming from Silphatos which Elena thinks it's a get together in Elvilla's gathering, Fazz wanted to know about the "spirit" who talked to Villa in their last battle which King Zelstan wants to know about it. Silphatos reveals to them that the spirit who spoke to Villa was his master Vugtis the spirit of darkness that symbolizes death and rebirth. He then tells them that Vugtis was imprisoned by King Sarnus and Elvilla during the age of legends as Fazz became confuse to know that he is the Priest of Wind and his master was Vugtis. Silphatos also reveals to Fazz that he was also a Kersillian like him as well as his past many years ago that he was entrusted by the previous Priest of Wind and his Marselva of Wind and he conducts himself in the rite of heritage and leaves Kersillius where he still keep in touch with his hometown as well as Fazz's father, Yienold. He eventually decide to serves Vugtis when he learns of his imprisonment. He separates the Marselva of Wind from his body and breaks the first seal. Since he breaks the Marselva, he lost his power as the Priest of Wind. Fazz also asks what he showed the Marselva to him as he replies that it was a glass ball. He also tells them that he breaks one of the six seals with the Marselva of Wind, Vugtis regained portion of his power. Vugtis is able to create Blackthorn as a doll to assist him and he fears that the descendants of both Sarnus and Elvilla will imprison him again. With that, Vugtis orders him to destroy Kersillius where he and Blackthorn destroys everyone in the town but Fazz and his father Yienold manage to escape. After Yienold leaves with his son Fazz in the care of both Luke and Elena, he went to the Temple of Water where he was found by Silphatos and killed him. Fazz angrily realizes his true scheme and his antagonistic actions towards him which Zelstan tells him that this not the right time as he let Silphatos continued to explain. Silphatos taunts Fazz that he didn't kill him on that moment that he is a Kersillian. The priest and priestess would come to him sooner if Villa plans to make a prophesied calamity. He also manage to erase his memory and casts his coinfeigm to nullify his reasoning. He also tells him by Villa from Vugtis to send Blackthorn in advance and years later where Fazz came to save him in Tower of Wind during the first chapter was nothing more but to his own plan and his joining in Fazz's side is to moniter him and Villa after he shows the fake Marselva to him and about Ixia as well as to gather the priest and the priestess by him. He actually welcomes everyone from the return of Vugtis instead of Elvilla. This angers Fazz even further after he was manipulated by his true motives, King Zeltan now asking him what requires to release Vugtis as he answers his question. To release Vugtis it requires the six Marselva and the blood of Kersillian. Zeltan finally realizes of his actions during the previous battle against Villa and Silphatos tells them once it reaches in full moon, Vugtis's power will reach in the highest peak and plans to break the second seal using Villa's Marselva of Lightning as Zelstan finally questions him for the last time about what happened in the age of legends. He finally answers that he was not alive at this time but he can say about Villa himself was true and regards to him that the legend was accurate.

He then tells Fazz about the conflict between Vugtis and Elvilla which both decided to destory the humans. However, she falls in love with King Sarnus which she finally opposes Vugtis which she wants the spirits to help the humans to stop Villa and he also mentions that King Sarnus was a brave man with a strong sense of justice. Vugtis became furious to see Elvilla and he kills most of her supporters with no remorse and realizing the forbidden love between Elvilla and Sarnus and he finally denounced her in public and was his big mistake. All the spirits were in love with the humans and they are sided with Elvilla. Vugtis is the solidary spirit that symbolizes death and rebirth while Elvilla is the spirit that symbolizes life and love which the spirits agreed to destroy humans just to follow her. Vugtis decides to his reason of existence that- to destroy everything, the continent of Mardias, the spirits and creating the new world. Elvilla and the other great spirits decide to imprison Vugtis but to do so they need the Marselva which the spirits helped King Sarnus to defeat Villa. On that sense, Villa was used by both Sarnus and Elvilla and as they gained possession of the Marselva, Elvilla and the spirits waged war against Vugtis and they managed to defeat them and Vugtis was imprisoned using the Marselva as seals. To prevent Vugtis from breaking the seal, the six great spirits have to feed all of their power into the Marselva but created a shortage in power to keep the continent afloat. The only way to sustain the continent was for the other spirits to share their physical bodies and merge with the manatite buried within the earth. The story of Hoshigami are originated from the way became one with the Marselva through the rite of heritage and the reasons they have two versions to the legend because one is from Vugtis' point of view and the other is Elvilla and the human's point of view. But this is also included to his own interference in the story and that's what he knows about the legend of King Sarnus and he tells them that these legends passed from generation to generation.

After hearing about the whole legend, Silphatos finally decided to face off against Fazz and the group as his final stage and casting his dark coinfeigm to teleport them inside the Ixian Temple where they previously defeat Villa. Fazz wonders where he is and Silphatos replies that this is where he previously defeated Villa and is the isolated region between planes of existence the dimensional prison where Vugtis was confined. Fazz does not forgive him for using them all along and Silphatos after aiding him to defeat Villa it was his duty to fullfilled his master's wish. This is also explains to him about "The Prophecy of Elvilla" where Elvilla warns them when the humans break the pact and using coinfeigms in war and Vugtis will return to Mardias after 3000 years. But the humans didn't hear her warnings. He then wants to see what kind of "great calamity" Vugtis will bring to Blue Earth and challenging Fazz if he can stop him.

After Fazz and the group defeat him, Silphatos evilly laughs knowing that this is the end of the legend of King Sarnus but breaking the seal that imprisons Vugtis was not complete and tells him how he's going to tell this that he is the author of the new legend. He then decide to remain inside the Ixian Temple along with his master Vugtis and gives farewell to Fazz as he dies and his body flows to create a deadly explosion from inside the temple which he wants to kill Fazz from being blown up alobg wiht him as his last resort and Fazz was saved by Elena from the explosion as they teleported to safety to think they were killed from the explosion made by him.

During the endings, King Zelstan senses Fazz was killed by Silphatos and became mourn of his loss while watching at the sky as the Gerauldite soldier came to see him about the remnants of the Valaimian army and other representative's discussions to which Zelstan agrees and decides to continue his obligation as King. At Echo Forest, Luke is seen reading the book and he witnesses the end of the legend with Yienold's son which he finally atone to his sins as he burns the book and he continues to write about the new legend. At the destroyed city of Aus, Reuperl finally reaches the end of the history as he practices his spear. At Clair Oasis, Alveen is seen going to his father's grave with a bouquet of flowers and finally restores his family name which one of the townspeople calling him Father Kamfort which he continues to serve as the Priest of Fire and he put his sword to his father's grave as a memento to him and leave. In Hephaitos' tower where Chroma's two apprentice, Rodrigues and Gonzales are watching at the top of the tower which Chroma finally comes back home which she wonders that she's in the wrong tower. At Kamdell, Gomes and the Chief of the Tuchi Tribe are making business trades with each other which the latter can visit the town anytime and gives him some thought to travel across the continent and make trade with other people. Gomes finally made up his mind after his meeting with Fazz previously he decided to leave as the Chieftain watches as they parted. At Queld, Jacqueline becomes the president and she is along with one of Fazz's mercenaries and Sly after his defeat along with Saijiri by Alveen at Carmwell becomes the member of Jacqueline's troupe which the latter keeps hitting him with a paper fan and Jacqueline made a show for everyone with her own traveling troupe and this is how the world they wanted is cheeful of laughter. At Temple of Water, Leia blesses the spirit of Zeneth and she continues to bless due to the end of the legend. At Carmwell, Romleth is watching the sky while sitting at the top of the city and noticed a dog on a box which he adopts it and make it his sidekick and calling the name of the same guy who helps him escape in prison. At the rebuilded town of Dissoal, Tinn is putting flower seeds on the grass and the one of the townpeople are asking her what she's doing and she replies that she will wait for Fazz once he returns to Dissoal becomes a beautiful town as one of the townspeople leave and Tinn thinks about Fazz if he promises to return, she will wait for him. And finally at the outskirts of Kersillius, Fazz is seen unconscious and finally wakes up and wonders where he is. He actually remembers where he's playing the forest when he was a kid and knowing that he was on the forest side of his hometown of Kersillius and he's reunited with Elena. Fazz was confused at the moment but he is happy to see her again. Elena noticed Fazz regains his past memories but he didn't regained his current memories of the incident happened to him and his previous battles which he becomes amnesiac after being blown up in the explosion made by Silphatos and Elena hugs him knowing of his condition and tells him that it's okay not to remember everything and finally forgives him. She also tells him that his hometown is separated from the rest of the world and this is the only place where he can heal his wounds and returning to his true self. She finally welcome him back and she decides to find Leimrey and Tinn which Fazz agrees and Elena thought about everyone in Fazz's condition and she goes with him and both continues to find Leimrey and Tinn.


Fazz- is the main protagonist of the game and the leader of the mercenaries' group. He is also Yienold's son and one of the last surviving Kersillian who survived the destruction of his hometown of Kersillius made by Silphatos and Blackthorn and became the bearer of King Sarnus and the blood of Elvilla. In the end of the game, he was saved by Elena from being killed in the explosion made by Silphatos after his death and he ends up being amnesiac who didn't regain his current memories of his previous battles. His deity is Amu.

Elena- is the priestess of Earth and Luke's adopted daughter. She is also Fazz's childhood friend in the past who helps him in his missions. In the end of the game, she was revealed to be responsible in saving Fazz from being exploded made by Silphatos and knowing of his bad condition from being amnesiac. Her deity is Ema.

Tinn- is the priestess of Elvilla and one of Fazz's friends in Dissoal. She is the catalyst where Fazz tries to save her from being kidnapped. She was revealed to be as the Priestess of Elvilla where she was manifested by Elvilla before the fight against Villa. In the end of the game, she was later seen in Dissoal putting flower seeds on the grass in her hometown. Her deity is Gote and later Elvilla.

Romleth- is the inmate that Fazz meets in the first chapter where he was imprisoned in Widden and offers to join his mercenary group. In the end of the game, he was seen at Carmwell and adopts a lone dog which he will named him after Fazz. His deity is Sonova.

Jacqueline- is the leader of the bandits and Seychel's older sister who appeared in the third chapter which she battles Fazz after the latter making fun of their actions between his younger brother and Eitolle. Afterwards, she joins Fazz and his group after hearing his words that Fazz's enemies are better than they are. In the end of the game, she became the President of Queld and has her own traveling troupe to make happiness for everyone. Her deity is Gote

Leia- is the current priestess of Water who had a connection with Leimrey in the Temple of Water. In the end of the game, she continues to bless the spirit of Zeneth inside the temple. Her deity is Zeneth.

Alveen Kamfort- is the current priest of Fire and the current General of the Valaimian army led by the fallen King Fernandes in Layeta. He is also the son of Cardinal Kamfort the former Valaimian General and the previous Priest of Fire who succeeded him in the rite of heritage which he was later killed by Fernandes who rose upon his ranks by the government. His reasons of fighting Fazz and the group is to fight for his family's name which he beats Fazz once when they first met in Dissoal. He later joins side with Fazz after he reveals to him that he was the Priest of Fire and being spared by him in the last battle at Fort La Sulle. In the end of the game, he was later seen putting the flowers on his father's grave in Clair Oasis where the townsfolk are calling him Father Kamfort which he continues to serve as the Priest of Fire and he put his sword on his father's grave and leave. His Deity is Amu.

Reuperl- is the leader of Order of Da Nante and the current King of Nightweld. He is also the rival of Gomes which he reveals to Fazz during his recruitment that he was the one who scarred his left eye during their duel. In the end of the game, he was seen practicing his spear in the deserted town of Aus after it was destroyed by the Elegiac Knights. His Deity is Zeneth.

Zelstan- is the current King of Tus and the current priest of Force. He couldn't take his duty as the Priest of Force due to his role as King and its other political activities. He later joins in Fazz's side before going to Ixian Temple to fight and defeat Villa. In the end of the game, Zelstan senses Fazz's death while watching the sky which he mourns him as the Gerauldite soldiers tells the reports about the remnants of the Valaimian army and the political discussions which he agrees and he continues his obligation as King. His Deity is Sonova. 

Luke- is King's Zelstan's advisor and Elena's adopted father. He knows the information about the Marselva which the Priest or Priestess pass to another in the rite of heritage. He is also Yienold's old friend in the past which he recognizes Fazz as a Ixian. In the end of the game, Luke is seen atoning his guilt over the death of Yienold and his son Fazz as he burns the book and continues to write the book of the new legend. His Deity is Ema.

Gomes- is the business trader in Kamdell who trades with the Tuchi Tribes at the Temple of Fire which Fazz mistakes of him as the Priest of Fire and also explaining to Fazz about the grave in Clair Oasis which is the previous Priest of Fire and Alveen's father. During Reuperl's recruitment, Reuperl reveals to Fazz that Gomes is his rival and he was the one responsible who scarred his left eye during their duel. In the end of the game, he and the chieftain of Tuchi Tribe are trading which he advises to him that he can trade across the continent in different people which he agrees as they parted ways. His Deity is Amu.

Chroma is a mage and blacksmith in Hephaitos' Tower which she was aided by two apprentice named Rodrigues and Gonzales. In the end of the game, she finally comes home and reunited with her two apprentice and wonders she was in the wrong tower. Her Deity is Ema.

Leimrey- is Fazz's older brother figure and the man who once lived in the Temple of Water who has his own motives. As mentioned by Leia to Fazz that Leimrey belongs to the Priest of Water which he leaves the temple sometime ago. He was later killed by Fazz during their one on one duel in Kamdell after he warns him about Blackthorn. He is also known as "the man with long hair who wields the spear". His Deity is Zeneth.

Elvilla- is the spirit which symbolizes life and love who aids Fazz to defeat Villa to completely break the seal that Vugtis was held in his imprisonment.

Yienold- is Fazz's father who is shown in the flashbacks during third chapter and one of the last surviving Kersillian who escapes from destruction along with his son, Fazz. He was also mentioned as few times by Luke and later Silphatos who is responsible for killing him in the Temple of Water.


Silphatos- is the current Priest of Wind who resides at the Tower of Wind and the true main antagonist of the game. He is also the last surviving Kersillian who is responsible of destroying his own hometown of Kersillius as well as to kill Yienold in Temple of Water. He is also the mastermind of the turn of the events of the game where he joins in Fazz's side to monitor his movements along with Villa which he is Vugtis' apprentice. Before he manipulates Fazz to gather the priest and priestess of elements (Elena, Tinn, Alveen, Leia, Zelstan and himself), He manages to separate the Marselva of Wind and breaks the first seal after hearing of Vugtis' imprisonment and loses his power as the Priest of Wind which he shows to Fazz the fake Marselva early in the game. In the end of the game, he was defeated by Fazz and the group and bid farewell to Fazz who wanted to end the legend of King Sarnus by blowing himself up along with him inside the Ixian Temple and Elena managed to save Fazz from the explosion that he created. His Deity is Kashis and later Vugtis.

Villa- is the Hoshigami of Lightning and the fake Priest of Earth who wanted to set the spirits free from the box and he was previously defeated by King Sarnus and Elvilla during the age of legends and resides in Temple of Earth. He and Blackthorn are manipulating Fernandes the leader of Valaim to let Fazz in gathering the six Hoshigamis. He was later defeated by Fazz and the group inside Ixian Temple and he was spoken off by the dark spirit which he recognizes as Blackthorn but he was unaware that the dark spirit he was spoken off was Vugtis. In the end, Fazz and the group manage to defeat him again as was gathered by him in his weaken state and tells them about if the humans continues using coinfeigms in war, the continent of Mardias will cease to exist once it happens they will be responsible and dies as his body turns into the Marselva of Lightning which Silphatos takes it and later uses to break the second seal to release Vugtis from his imprisonment. His Deity is Ema and later Vugtis.

Blackthorn- is the doll created by Vugtis and always sided with Villa throughout the game and was responsible of destroying the town of Dissoal and kidnaps Tinn. He is also the one who give Leimrey some two Elegiac Knights to aid him before his fight with Fazz and the group. He is later defeated by Fazz inside Ixian Temple after the latter reveals that he was dead. Later he reappears in multitude where he was sided with Villa and later Silphatos. His Deity is Gote and later Vugtis.

Fernandes- is the Valaimian overlord and the King of Layeta who is responsible of making the war between both Nightweld and Gerauld after breaking the peace treaty. He is allied with Villa, Blackthorn and Alveen who actually defected soon after hearing their conversation with him and Villa. He makes a final stand against Fazz in his throne room which he ends up defeated by him. He later stabs himself from Fazz's sword wanted to ended his life after he tells Fazz to stop Villa and Blackthorn from their evil plans. His Deity is Ema.

Saijiri and Sly- are the minor antagonists in the game where both of them are under Alveen's command and been order to deal Fazz and the group. Both are later defeated by Alveen who was aided by Fazz and the group at Carmwell after seeing his traitorous actions. Saijiri is later seen stealing most of Chroma's weapons in Hephaitos' Tower while Sly is later seen in the end of the game as one of Jacqueline's traveling troupe which he mistakes of her as his sister making the latter hit him in the head with her paper fan. Saijiri's Deity is Gote while Sly's Deity is Kashis.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay is a blend of Final Fantasy Tactics and Breath of Fire IV. Instead of choosing the characters or the recruitment characters before the start of the game, They will be chosen as mercenaries and some characters involved in the game during the start of the battle.

When attacking opponents, it has a RAP gauge which he or she can kill enemies in every gauge even movements but upon defeating an enemy this overtiming the RAP gauge making the character will be delayed in the next turn. They can also smacks the enemy by using bash but also teams up with allies in order to gain rare weapon. To raise the characters' levels is to fight them in the Tower of Trials, Hephaitos' Tower and the Tower of Vugtis in order to raise in a much higher levels and to gain deities such as Elvilla and Vugtis.

Deities and Coinfeigms Edit

Deities are mostly involved on the character's status with their blessing and to learn more of it's skills such as Counter in every percent, Raising HP and Physical Damage and so on. These abilities will be learn by raising their DEV as it includes to gain their EXP when attacking opponents. When changing Deities from it's current to a new one, the character will start over to raise their DEVs. The Deities are Amu, Ema, Kashis, Zeneth, Sonova, Gote, Elvilla and Vugtis. Both Elvilla and Vugtis will be gained when raising the characters in the Tower of Vugtis.

Coinfeigms also known as Coins are mostly involved in the game's story plot and four mages such as Elena, Chroma, Silphatos and Leia who are blessed with Zeneth, Kashis and Ema respectively as well as Mage mercenaries who are also blessed with the same deities to use magic except melees to cast such as Alveen who is weak when casting magic due to his Amu deity. The coinfeigms are used for casting magic such as fire, ice, explosion, earth, wind, lightning, negative status, breaking foes' equipment, Restoring HP, reviving an ally, removes negative statuses and protected from being break an equipment. Forbidden Coinfeigms are the most powerful Coinfeigms which involves enemies and allies alike to be damage with this ability. Upon raising level 4 coinfeigms it becomes a forbidden coinfeigm which is the final level of the coinfeigm.

Red Coinfeigm

Grulla- is a Level 1 coinfeigm to hit an opponent with fire damage.

Greis- is a Level 2 coinfeigm to hit a strong fire damage.

Grunned- is a Level 3 coinfeigm to hit all enemies with a meteorite fire damage.

Gren- is a Level 4 coinfeigm to hit all enemies with a fire shaped like a phoenix to make an extensive damage. This ability is used by Alveen during his fight against Fazz at Fort La Sulle. But due to his deity, his damage was weak.

Greamu- is a Forbidden Coinfeigm involves to make a destructive balls of fire to damage both enemies and allies.

Brown Coinfeigm

Gaiga- is a Level 1 coinfeigm to hit a single tremor on the opponent with earth damage. This is Elena's main coinfeigm when she joins Fazz's group and it can raise it up to Level 3 coinfeigm or equip another earth Level 3 coinfeigm to raise it into a Forbidden Coinfeigm.

Gaiz- is a Level 2 coinfeigm to create a pile of earth's rock and breaks on its opponent with a strong earth damage.

Galfo- is a Level 3 coinfeigm to make four falling rocks to damage all enemies.

Gain- is a Level 4 coinfeigm to make a massive tremor and quake to damage all enemies.

Galema- is a Forbidden Coinfeigm involves to make a massive falling rocks and earthquake towards both enemies and allies. This coinfeigm is used by Villa during his fight against Fazz twice inside Ixian Temple.

Blue Coinfeigm

Blisu- is a Level 1 coinfeigm to hit a single ice damage on the opponent.

Blista- is a Level 2 coinfeigm to create a pile of ice crystals to damage the opponent with a strong ice damage.

Blen- is a Level 3 coinfeigm to make a fountain of ice to break the opponent in an ice damage. This coinfeigm is used by both Leimrey and Leia as Leia is able to upgrade her coinfeigm into a Forbidden Coinfeigm.

Bleeya- is a Level 4 coinfeigm to hit all enemies with a giant block of ice as it crack and breaks towards all enemies.

Bluzeneth is a Forbidden Coinfeigm is used to create a crystalized flower of ice to make a destructive damage to both enemies and allies.

Green Coinfeigm

Zel- is a Level 1 coinfeigm to make several wind slashes on the opponent. This is Silphatos' main coinfeigm from the very beginning until it upgrades into a Level 4 coinfeigm.

Zepherd- is a Level 2 coinfeigm to create a single tornado on the opponent with a strong wind damage.

Zephin- is a Level 3 coinfeigm to make a deveastating wind explosion on the ground to make heat damage on its opponent.

Zeno- is a Level 4 coinfeigm to make a destructive wind hurricane towards all enemies.

Zekashis- is a Forbidden Coinfeigm to make a destructive tornadoes and cyclones to both enemies and allies. This coinfeigm is later used by Silphatos in the final battle against Fazz.

Yellow Coinfeigm

Bonga- is a Level 1 coinfeigm to make a single force explosion towards a single opponent. This coinfeigm is used by Romleth in order to escape in prison with Fazz and also used to upgrade up to Level 3 coinfeigm.

Bondes- is a Level 2 coinfeigm to create a strong force explosion in a single damage.

Bondeo- is a Level 3 coinfeigm to make an explosion in an impact force to all enemies.

Bolunga- is a Level 4 coinfeigm to make a deadly force explosion to all enemies.

Bosonova- is a Forbidden Coinfeigm to make a destructive explosive impulse towards both enemies and allies.

Purple Coinfeigm

Laira- is a Level 1 coinfeigm to make a single purple lightning damage on the opponent.

Laicle- is a Level 2 coinfeigm to make a strong purple lightning damage in a single damage.

Laizon- is a Level 3 coinfeigm to create a surge of purple electricity and forms a deadly thunder strike to all enemies.

Laineed- is a Level 4 coinfeigm to make a strike of four purple thunder bolts towards all enemies.

Laigote- is a Forbidden Coinfeigm to make a destructive purple thunder strike to both enemies and allies for a massive damage. This Coinfeigm is used by Villa during his second battle with Fazz inside Ixian Temple.

Black Coinfeigms

Negative Status: It has series of negative status such as both Amu and Sonova series.

Spika- is a coinfeigm contains a negative status to blind the opponent.

Depin- is a coinfeigm contains a negative status to immobilize the opponent.

Conti- is a coinfeigm contains a negative status to confuse the opponent.

Posn- is a coinfeigm contains a negative status to poison the opponent.

Terror- is a coinfeigm contains a negative status to afflict a curse or fear to the opponent.

Mintal- is a coinfeigm contains a negative status to put the opponent into sleep.

Decoin- is a coinfeigm contains a negative status to disable the opponents' magic cast.

Dith Paen- is a Forbidden Coinfeigm contains all negative status to all enemies. This ability is similar to the Seven Pains ability when some mercenaries are being blessed by Vugtis. This coinfeigm is later used by Villa during his second fight with Fazz inside Ixian Temple and later Silphatos in the final battle.

Breaking The Foe's Equipment:

Ora Van-

Dy Van-

A Van-

El Van-

Van Fleya- is a Forbidden Coinfeigm contains to break all the opponents' equipment. This coinfeigm is used by Silphatos in the final battle against Fazz.

White Coinfeigms

Restoring HP:

Cure- is a Level 1 coinfeigm to restore HP on a single or all allies.

Cure Re- is a Level 2 coinfeigm to restore a medium HP on a single or all allies.

Cure Zu- is a Level 3 coinfeigm to restore a heavy HP on a single or all allies.

Re Cure- is the fourth and final level of the coinfeigm to full restore HP on a single or all allies.

Remove Negative Status & Protection from Breaking Equipment: like the Negative Status coinfeigms, it has a series of both Amu and Sonova series.

Re Lie- is to remove the blind status on the single or all allies.

Re Move- is to remove immobilise status on the single or all allies.

Re Tein- is to remove confuse status on the single or all allies.

Re Pure- is to remove poison status on the single or all allies.

Re Laks- is to remove fear status on the single or all allies.

Re Lake- is to remove the sleep status on the single or all allies.

Re Coin- is to remove the disability to cast magic to a single or all allies.

Gaush- is to protect a single or all allies from breaking their equipment.

Resist- is a Forbidden Coinfeigm to protect all allies from breaking their equipment.

Starra- is a Forbidden Coinfeigm to remove all negative statuses to all allies.


Re Vin- is a coinfeigm to revive a few HP to a single ally.

Re Via- is a coinfeigm to revive half of the single ally's HP.

Re Vive- is a coinfeigm to revive the single ally's full HP.


  • This game is a blend between both Final Fantasy Tactics and Breath of Fire IV.
    • Their sprites is based on Final Fantasy Tactics in appearance.
    • The continent of Mardias shares the same language as in the continent of Ivalice in Final Fantasy Tactics
    • Fazz's sprite can be seen in the map in a similar fashion to that of Ramza's sprite who is shown in the map. In this game, it does not have random battles while it was moved.
    • In Final Fantasy Tactics, their sprites are seen in a walking stance during battles while in Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth, their sprites have their own fighting stance during battles.
    • When the characters in Final Fantasy Tactics are in KO state, they will have a countdown to turn them into crystals or treasure boxes this also happens to Ramza. While in this game, the characters will disappear while in KO state as well as the important characters who were killed by their enemies. This also happens to Fazz if he was killed due to him as the main character the battle will be a game over. In order to keep them alive revive them by casting the Revin coinfeigm.
    • Their game dubbing icon is similar to Breath of Fire IV where it shows different emotions from their dubbing icons during conversations.
  • Fazz's role in the game is based on Ryu of Breath of Fire series of games and becomes amnesiac at the end of the game where he regains his past memories and didn't regain his current memories of the previous battles he fought and it was a contrast to Ryu's role is being amnesiac from the very beginning until regaining his memories of his battles. His hairstyle is also based on Ryu and his blonde hair is also based on Ramza Beoulve the main protagonist of Final Fantasy Tactics. In Hoshigami Remix, the color of his hair changed to brown.
  • Elena's role in the game is based on Nina of Breath of Fire series of games as she always helped Ryu in his travels while Elena tries to help Fazz during his missions throughout the game.
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