Thousand Arms
Thousand Arms
Game Information
Developer Red Company /
Atlus Japan
Publisher Atlus U.S.A.
Year 1999 (US)
System Playstation 1
Genre Traditional RPG
Multiplayer No
Co-Op No
Series None

This is a placeholder page for Thousand Arms on the Playstation 1, developed by Red Company and Atlus Japan, and published by Atlus U.S.A. in 1999.

Plot Edit

Game Synopsis Edit

The game begins where the protagonist Meis Triumph was traveling alone while being exhausted and blames his father for what happened after his hometown in Kant was attacked by the Dark Acolytes. Meis eventually learns that his parents had already fled without defending the town. Prior to the Dark Acolytes attack in Kant, he was called by his father, Cliff Truimph in their estate while hanging out with another woman while sharpen the sword as a blacksmith and he tells him to be prepared. Therefore at the time of the attack of the Dark Acolytes, Meis gazes upon his childhood friend only to be stampede by villagers in their hometown to evacuate. As a result, Meis ends up collapsed before he evacuate the town. When Meis arrived at Boyzby, he meets Sodina Dawnfried who is harrassed by troublemakers. As he attempts to defend her from them he wields his sword as its blade was broken in half which he ends up being beaten by them.

Meis later wakes up and seeing that Sodina had nursing him back to health after what happened. Alongside with her, is her older brother, Jyabil Dawnfried and recognizes Meis as a blacksmith because of the hammer that he wields and Meis tells him that he is a family of blacksmiths for generations. Jyabil remarks that his father has no shame as he asks him if he is the family of blacksmiths why he treats his sword so poorly. Jyabil shows the sword that he forges to him stating it was a Sword of Sorrow knowing of Meis' ignorance and finally decides to fix his sword on one condition is to get the special mineral at the northern ruins where monsters are scattering around beneath the ruins and tells him to use his broken sword as its means to protect himself. Sodina lightens him up due to Jyabil's behavior.

After Meis defeats the monster guardian at the ruins, he gains a special mineral which is embedded from his sword as it glows in a flash of light as the mineral embedded from his broken sword glows in a blue light. He now returns back to Boyzby to fix his sword from Jyabil. Arriving at his home, he was bumped by several women that he saw and to watch the girls are impressed on Jyabil's skills as a blacksmith which Sodina remarks that a few woman are watching him forges any kinds of weaponry. Although, Jyabil coldly tells them to leave and he can't work if they are here. Meis became flattered to see the ladies who left and Sodina convinces him to became Jyabil's apprentice which Meis accepts and he promises to Sodina to improve his skills as blacksmith to become as a trainee to her older brother. Jyabil initially refuses at first until he accepts after Sodina convinces him that Meis is the family of spirit blacksmiths. He let Meis to get some rest as the latter calls him as Master much to his annoyance stating that he's going to feel old.

Meanwhile, the Dark Acolytes led by the Dark Emperor Medeus who asks Shaft about the progress of their invasion which he replies that they expanded as planned and the world will become his. Medeus became impressed with the commotion as Shaft knows that they found a person who have powers and can senses the Dark Emperor's power. Medeus now explains about the world is divided between the Clan of Darkness and the Clan of Light and he needs the Flames of Light to complete his plans. He now orders Shaft to find the person from the Dark Clan who also wields the Flame of Light and bring to him which he agrees.

Back at Jyabil's Blacksmithy, Meis begins to train as a Spirit Blacksmith like Jyabil does although Sodina notices her brother's are much better than Meis' efforts and seeing that he keeps on checking on girls which Jyabil scolds him for his disappointment and stating that his hammer has no secret into it. Meis frankly tolerates his strict behavior which he uses Jyabil's hammer to forge his weapon. But Sodina doubts that his weapon appears not good enough than her brother's which he was collapsed in disappointment as Jyabil thought of him to concentrate and to put his heart and his spirit to forge the weapons even better. When Meis takes a break, he meets Nelsha Stylus on the way in the town of Boyzby which he accepts to have date with her by eating lunch together. Meis still continues his training with Jyabil as the spirit blacksmith until he gives some errands along with Sodina.

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